My Three Things For Inspiration : Nature, History And Maximalism.

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

It is without a doubt that I am a huge lover of animals and plants. If I am not obsessing over my own pets (I have a cute budgie called 'Alli' and a goldfish called 'Flo'), or friends' pets, it's wild animals and the great outdoors! I love being outside, and if I could, I would spend all my time going from one place to the other. No matter where I am, I always take in my surroundings and pay attention to things that catch my eye. I often take photos of plants, scenery and animals which I keep for future reference for my initial design ideas and themes. This is especially important for me if I am visiting different countries or other parts of the UK.

When it comes to history, whether here in the UK or abroad, I can get quite obsessed if I find it interesting. This can be anything from pottery, art and design movements, to ages of history and mixtures of cultures, through to historical figures and architecture. Elements of these inspire my design development whether it's a theme of colours, styles or motifs. I always refer back to my own recordings of images or written notes which contribute to mood boards and design concepts.

This then brings me onto my other inspiration; maximalism. My designs are mostly busy, detailed, and bold. My recent design collection, Tropicana, was inspired by a mix of exotic paradise, from animal prints to a tribal design. This also ties into my interest of history. When I have visited grand country houses and palaces, I have found that they are packed out and full to the brim! They display unique wallpapers and fabrics with a variety of different collections sourced from around the world. This would have impressed guests and visitors alike, and undoubtedly still does today, encouraging them to find similar styles for their own homes. It was always about impressing and showing off to guests and visitors. I would like to think that my design collections reflect this, especially as they are not mass produced.

My designs can be completely customisable to suit interior styles wether minimal, maximal, modern or traditional. Whether it’s ‘on trend’ or not, it’s all about your personal style and that it reflects you.

I think everyone has a different view on what is classed as ‘minimal’ and ‘maximal’. For me, my interior style relates to the maximal side. I love being able to walk around a home that has points of interest, whether that’s through colour, pattern, to how a room has been styled with different textures, or unique items of decor. I can always relate back to my interest of historic houses and their collections. 

Our Living Area - Eclectic mix of objects, colours and textures.

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