Tribal design was discovered by accident, originally drawn as a series of tribal motifs.

The pattern came together when experimenting with repeats.

It has often been refered to as a tropical design with a nod to the Arts & Crafts

movement, which was established between 1880 - 1920. 


A4 Sample Size 


Wallpaper Types 

Standard Paste The Wall 


This paper is perfect for those who wish to hang wallpaper traditionally with a pasting brush. 

To hang the paper we recommend using Solvite. 

Peel & Stick 


No pasting table required for this type of wallpaper. Just Peel and Stick to cover your wall area.

This type of paper is also perfect for upcycling  furniture! 

Tribal Darkness Blue Wallpaper Sample

  • Samples are non returnable.